G'Vine Gin Los Angeles


Los Angeles

G'Vine Gin LA promotion party. An event introduced Los Angeles to the French G'Vine Gin, focusing on the botanicals and aromatics. We created a green environment where attendees were able to enjoy the gorgeous decor, photo moments, and craft cocktail masters.


Optimist Inc, Los Angeles

Client: G'Vine Gin

Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya

Chief Executive Officer: Juergen Dold

Chief Marketing Officer: Rose Odeh

Account Director: Nadia Elkettani

Experiential Marketing Executive Producer & Strategist: Zac Blakeley

Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya

Senior Producer: Kellie Bryant

Spatial Designer: Chris McKay

Creative Content Director: Glenn PP Milligan

Creative Director: Meleina Mayhew

Designer: Iris Chan, Mingxin Cheng

Group Account Director: Meg Baglien


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